Saturday, June 11, 2022

Enchanted Exhibition in Tennessee

The Hunter Museum of American Art in Chattanooga, Tennessee is showing a fantasy art exhibition, and it's turning out to be a success. 

Chief Curator Nandini Makrandi says: "The exhibition has gone extremely well, with larger than usual attendance for us. It’s been really fun to see everyone enjoying themselves in the galleries."

Cara McGowan, Director of Marketing & Communications, says the response has been "overwhelmingly positive. Visitation has been strong, with lots of first-time guests (or those who haven’t been to the museum in a while) coming to see the exhibition."

Adera Causey, Curator of Education, says the museum has developed lots of programs for adults and kids connected to the exhibition. She says: "our summer campers have been delighted by it and it has inspired lots of monster-, dragon-, sword-, and fairy-themed art works by our campers." She says that the show has brought in lots of new guests, but also has helped existing audiences see the museum in new ways, too.
Enchanted: The History of Fantasy Illustration" will be at the Hunter Museum through September 5, after which it travels to Flint, Michigan. The original curator and organizer of the traveling exhibit is Jesse Kowalski of the Norman Rockwell Museum. 


lukajk said...

luka kawashima Wish I could go. Anyone have an id on far right painting in pic 2?

James Gurney said...

Luka, it’s “Beauty and the Beast” by Thomas Blackshear.

Danny Wilson said...

Thanks so much for recommending this exhibit. A friend and I drove from Knoxville to Chattanooga yesterday to see it. Wow! Exceeded my already high expectations. Exhibit is larger than i was thinking it would be. And the quality of the work was incredible. Many very well known artists (Gurney, Frazetta, Hildebrandt, Wyeth, Whelan, Mignola, Manchess, Leyendecker, Cornwell, Rockwell, Wilcox Smith, Blackshear, Vallejo, Bell, on and on). And a lot of very talented artists I was unfamiliar with. Theres also a book of the exhibit available that includes some essays about Fantasy art. If you are in the Southeastern US its worth the drive to Hunter Museum of Art in Chattanooga to see it IMO!

Danny Wilson said...
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James Gurney said...

Thanks, Danny, for the enthusiastic review. Glad it was worth the trip.