Thursday, June 23, 2022

Watkins Glen Study

The stream at the head of Watkins Glen in New York flows over fine-grained Devonian layers of sedimentary rock. 

Watkins Glen, Oil, 8x10"

When the layers were uplifted, they cracked through with joints that make straight sided, almost rectangular pools.


The Accidental Handyman said...

Hi James. I've seen most of your YouTube videos focusing on watercolor, gouache, and casein, but rarely see you paint in oils. Water-based mediums are much more mobile-friendly and give us more of a sense of immediate gratification, but I would enjoy seeing your process with oil paint. Do you have an oil painting class/DVD? Best, regards, Martin

The Accidental Handyman said...


James Gurney said...

Hi, Martin. Yeah, it would be fun to delve into oil a bit more. I've got some Gumroad videos that deal with studio oils: Unconventional Oil Techniques, and the ones on Tyrannosaurs and Australian dinosaurs. Also there's one segment of Portraits in the Wild I demo an oil portrait of a farmer in a barn.