Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kramskoy paints Yaroshenko

Left: Nikolai Yaroshenko by Ivan Kramskoy. Right: Kramskoy by Yaroshenko
After the last post about the watercolor portrait of Kramskoy by Yaroshenko, I suspected that Kramskoy must have been painting Yaroshenko in return. The giveaway was the pad of paper in his lap.

And sure enough, I found the other painting: Yaroshenko by Kramskoy (left). The two artists spent the summer of 1874 together in Kramskoy's country house near Siversky Station. (Link for more info)


David J Teter said...

Leave to you James to wonder that!
Just like ones here on your blog where you draw/paint a fellow artist at the same time.
And you found it.
Very cool.

Novice Naturalist said...

I agree! Very cool that you wondered about it and that you found it! Sleuth/artist!