Saturday, June 21, 2014

Miss Bubbles Poster

On Monday morning, I'll be releasing the first full installment of Clementoons animation, an episode called "Troubles with Bubbles." 

The video features Clement's encounter with a dancer named Bubbles LaRue. She's ten times Clement's size, and she's the most beautiful and dangerous female in Melville, the world of cartoon people. I created this poster as a prop for the production. It's painted in casein on illustration board.  

I based the style of the poster on the classic posters of the Moulin Rouge, with their fabulous swooping lettering, bright colors, and sense of excitement.

Miss Bubbles is a marionette, originally built and performed by Bil and Cora Baird, the puppeteers who created the goatherd scene in "The Sound of Music" (link to that scene on YouTube).

She is a treasure of Mel Birnkrant's collection of comic character toys and puppets.
Read more about Miss Bubbles at Mel Birnkrant's website
Video: Clementoons Behind the Scenes
Video:Toy Collector Mel Birnkrant


RobNonStop said...

You might also enjoy this video: a Marionette in Manhattan

James Gurney said...

Thank you, Rob. What a wonderful video and "Sticks" is an amazing marionette.

Unknown said...

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