Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dinotopia Podcast, Episode 4

It's Tuesday, time for the new episode of the Dinotopia audio podcast adventure. Just click below or follow this link.

Descending the flanks of Volcaneum, Arthur and Will Denison hear Bix's vocal talents, and witness the hadrosaur swamp symphony. For this sequence, producer Tom Lopez drew on his stereo recordings of jungles in India and Bali, and composer Tim Clark created deep rumbling sounds.

As they approach Waterfall City, they hear the roar of the falls.

They fly across the gorge on a glider and make their first entrance to Waterfall City.

Malik, the timekeeper, explains to Arthur how Dinotopians visualize the passage of time, using a combination of circular and linear geometry, resulting in the spiral and the helix. I love the immersive quality of the audio in this whole episode, and it's not surprising that AudioFile Magazine called it “A masterpiece of audio production.”

The Podcast Series
This acoustic adventure was produced by Tom Lopez, mastermind of the ZBS Foundation, with an original music track by composer Tim Clark.

Episode 5 arrives in one week— Tuesday, December 9. Each 10-minute episode will only be live online for one week, and then it will disappear. So tell your friends, and be sure to check in to this blog each week. That way you'll be able to hear the whole production for free.

If you'd like to purchase the full two-hour Dinotopia podcast right now and hear all twelve episodes back to back in a feature-length production, check out Dinotopia at ZBS Foundation website for the MP3 download.

You can also order the original book from my web store and I'll sign it for you. It's the ultimate holiday gift for the imaginative person in your life. (US orders only for the book, please).

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Melle Ferre said...

My daughter and I just finished watching the DVD version of the movie. She was thrilled and I loved getting to know Dinotopia with her! Looks like I'll be ordering the book this weekend...
Thanks for sharing Dinotopia with all of us and for your amazing blog. So very appreciated.