Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dinotopia Podcast, Episode 5

Today we continued with Episode 5 of the serialized podcast of Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time. 

The episode opens in the helicoid geochronograph, a water-powered machine that keeps track of time.

We meet Nallab and Enit, librarians of Dinotopia, who show Arthur their scroll-reading machine.

In Dinotopia, dinosaurs write messages in a sandbox using a unique footprint alphabet.

The Podcast Series
This acoustic adventure was produced by Tom Lopez, mastermind of the ZBS Foundation, with an original music track by composer Tim Clark.

Episode 6 arrives next week and only stays online for a week.

If you'd like to purchase the full two-hour Dinotopia podcast right now and hear all twelve episodes back to back in a feature-length production, check out Dinotopia at ZBS Foundation website for the MP3 download.

You can also order the original book from my web store and I'll sign it for you. It's the ultimate holiday gift for the imaginative person in your life. (US orders only for the book, please).


Brian R. R. Hebb said...

James Gurney, love your blog and am learning so much about art from it. I tout your knowledge to all my art friends as well as our Island Sketching group. We live in Victoria British Columbia, just over the border from Washington state. You are our hero. However, I can't order your book. Why? Do you have a problems with your Canadian fans?

James Gurney said...

Brian, no problem with Canadian fans, just with the US Postal Service.

The price of shipping the book is more than the price of the book itself, losses are common, and the custom forms are rather unwieldy, which makes sending books out of the country a practical impossibility.

One thing some Canadian customers have done is to ship the book to a US friend near the border, and then pick it from them. Hope that helps, and thanks for the kind words.

Brian R. R. Hebb said...

James, thanks for your advise. I do have many friends in the US (my wife is from New York) but not near our nearest border. Perhaps I'll order it from Canadian Amazon. $19.75 Canadian dollar. But then I won't have your prized autograph.

By-the-way I have some links to a couple of your Youtube films on our sketching web site. Hope you don't mind. They are an inspiration. Thanks for everything.

Laura said...

This is so awesome! This brings back memories of my dad reading Dinotopia to me before bed. :3 I never ceased to be amazed by the creativity of this blog and Mr. Gurney.