Sunday, December 27, 2015

Artists in the Royal Tree

The British Royal Family has for centuries included some devoted and accomplished artists.

A view of Windsor Town and Castle by Prince Ernest Augustus, 1780, Daily Mail
Royals have always had the benefit of travel and of excellent instruction, and the blessing — or the curse — of being free from commercial considerations.

Prince Charles is a devoted watercolor painter, but he's also the most articulate advocate of amateur painting since Winston Churchill. (Link to video) He hosts this BBC documentary charting the artistic apples on his family tree.


Viktoria Berg said...

This is very interesting, I haven't seen this side of Prince Charles before. We had a painter prince in Sweden as well, Prince Eugen. His home, Waldemarsudde, is now an art museum. They have a website where you can see some of his paintings and read about him:

Unknown said...
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Bobby La said...

Big fan of Prince Charles. Big fan of the royals, which is odd considering that at the time, I considered the Sex Pistols "God Save the Queen" as the single greatest song of all time. We grow up I spose.

Prince Charles is also highly articulate on the horrors of what passes for modernist architecture and is a devoted organic gardener, but his greatest strength is the dynamism and influence he brings to his vast charity networks. He is shaping up as a very worthy successor to the Queen though I understand he is not so keen on the job as it will hobble his charity work.

JohnF said...

Loved the show. Some real talent on that tree.

Kunst Kommt Von K├Ânnen said...

Victoria (Kaiserin Friedrich as she is called in germany), the eldest child of Queen Victoria, was also an accomplished dilletante artist. She was trained, among others, by Angeli. Some of her paintings can be found at