Saturday, June 18, 2016

Plein Air Invitational

This Sunday I'll be part of a Plein-Air Invitational at the New York Botanical Garden. (Link to YouTube).

There will be more than 20 invited out-of-door painters, including Paul BachemGarin BakerEleinne BasaZufar BikbovShari BlaukopfMike BuddenArmand CabreraHiu Lai ChongDenise DumontLisa EgeliMary Anna GoetzElissa GoreFrank GuidaJames Gurney, Jeanette Gurney, Stapleton KearnsJanice KirshChris MagadiniBrad MarshallLisa MitchellRicky MujicaSusan WeintraubStewart White, and Lois Woolley.

We'll be painting in several locations around the Gardens. Although this isn't a workshop, and it's not an open call for other painters that aren't on the list to bring their easels, it's a good chance to quietly observe various setups and ways of working.

You can also see a couple of the paintings that I've done while in residence there if you visit the gift shop.

If you're a beginning artist or you have kids who want to draw and paint, there is a special garden area to learn to work from nature, with free materials and guidance from an instructor.

All this is to support and celebrate the exhibition in the NYBG's Art Gallery of American Impressionism by artists such as Maria Oakey Dewing, Matilda Browne, Childe Hassam, William Merritt Chase, and John Singer Sargent, and a garden interpretation by Francisca Coelho, NYBG's V.P. for Glasshouses and Exhibitions.
NYBG "Impressionism in the Garden"

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Evelyn said...

What a treat to be able to meet you and Jeanette, yesterday! I'm sorry my husband, Jack, and I couldn't stay to watch the paintings progress (although they already looked fantastic). Too soon we had to leave to catch our flight back to Chicago. For Jack's photographic posting on our visit to the New York Botanical Garden, go to

Best, Evelyn