Sunday, June 5, 2016

Rose Garden

Yesterday and today we're back in the New York Botanical Garden, where I'm the Artist in Residence. 

The theme for the exhibition this summer is American Impressionism, so I thought I'd choose a favorite subject of garden painters, the rose. They're in peak abundance at the moment. I set up next to a variety called "Carefree Beauty." 

Shrub Roses (plus spent alliums), casein 8x10 inches
I wanted to be close enough to see the structure of individual flowers and leaves, but far enough back to allow them to group into masses. I chose casein because it allows for brisk and direct handling with plenty of opacity and quick drying time. 


Tom Hart said...

Gorgeous painting! It looks like you're working on a panel of some sort this time?

I like seeing the way you're blocking in the flower shapes in the first photo. A plant can be a bit intimidating because of all the individual shapes.

Glenn Tait said...

Another favourite, you really seem inspired from this event.

This and especially the previous garden painting are wonderful studies in control of "greens". What was your palette of colours for this one?

Hope to see more paintings from the Botanical Garden.

Garrett said...

Gorgeous. Captured the name of the rose perfectly!

babangada r said...

Did you use any colored pencils with this one?

Steven Powers (SMP) said...

Beautiful! Flowers are a very good and forgiving subject.

Aljosa said...

Very nice! It reminds me a bit of Walter Everett's style - the we he clumped forms together and used his colors.

bernicky said...

Oi. I wish I'd had more notice about this auction. I could have saved up. Going to start a separate bank account for the next time one comes up for auction.