Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Oolu, Skybax Instructor

Here's Oolu, skybax instructor, shown with emblems for master, apprentice, and beginning riders, an illustration from the book Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time.


Timothy Bollenbaugh said...

I've always admired the posture and facial expression you put on that character. A posture and expression where one feels the strength, confidence and graceful ease of a master. And I know it's your own doing, but I can't help but see John Wayne at his fittest and best standing there. I hope you don't mind the comparison, but frankly that's a hard combination to nail and convey.

Bob said...

This picture appears even better in the book! The detail Oolu's features contrast so nicely with the straight line forming the footrests of the saddle stirrups. Also the colors look more vibrant in the book compared to my laptop's screen. Each time I pull A Land Apart From Time from my shelf it makes me wish to go there.