Friday, March 29, 2019

Thanks, Bookstr, for including Dinotopia in your list of favorite dinosaur-themed novels. 
Top 5 Coolest Novels Featuring Dinosaurs (That Aren't 'Jurassic Park')
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Bob said...

Dear Mr. Gurney,

In Bookstr's last-to-first list, Dinotopia is #1! And that's as it should be. All of the others are fine works, yet some I find rather violent for my taste. On the other hand, Dinotopia's fantastic world elicits wonder without an over-reliance on teeth and claws. Thus each Dinotopia book expands on this world with a fresh perspective. Besides your series of four illustrated books, there's many authorized novels, a three-part miniseries and more to explore. It woke me up to both art and dinosaurs, something even Jurassic Park could not do for me. In short, you have enriched my life. Thank you.

Susan Krzywicki said...

Yes! Your books are beautiful and engaging. I didn't know they were aimed at young adults. I only started to read them in my 40s.

The details, the color and the inventive world - a perfect combination. Thanks for exiting, Mr. Gurney.