Wednesday, March 6, 2019

T. rex Teaser #2

In a shallow stretch of a freshwater stream, an adult Tyrannosaurus rex introduces three juveniles to the water and supervises them while they bathe.

I develop the scenario after watching YouTube videos showing the bathing behaviors of ostriches, emus, and cassowaries, plus a lot of kinds of birds. First they squat down into the water, then stretch upward and shake, followed by self-preening. The juveniles still have their light coloration and haven't yet molted into their adult layers of feathers.

The feathers are based on the fact that all members of the tyrannosaur group which have been found with detailed fossils (such as Dilong and Yutyrannus) show feathers. Among my scientific consultants was tyrannosaur expert Steve Brusatte, who said: "I am particularly really moved by the one of the adult and juveniles bathing in the stream. It brings these predators to life in a way that hunt scenes don't--it makes them seem more like normal animals, not monsters."

This oil illustration is coming up in the April issue of Ranger Rick magazine. (Link to video)

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scottT said...

The close ups show a nice painterly quality one might not appreciate in reproduction. Loose strokes and some nice glazing...I like how you bring the art of painting to what could be a stiff scientific illustration. I like to think it is informed by your great plein air work. Great water and back lighting with luminous reflected light in the shadows.