Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Alfred Munnings Paints a Horse

Here's Alfred Munnings painting a white horse while a stableman holds the subject roughly in position.

Scenes like this could have been painted in that way, by having each horse pose with an assistant.


Jim Douglas said...

Jim, do you have tips for judging values in an overcast scene, such as in the painting in today's post?

Bright daylight, and the high contrast light and shadow shapes that result, always helps guide me, since the darkest light usually remains lighter than the lightest dark. It's relatively easy to break the whole picture into a two values composition, then develop the light and dark areas. However, in an overcast scene it seems that rule no longer holds and local color/value takes over and confuses things. Thoughts?

E. T. Charles said...

Thanks for all the art posts. Would you post about the technical aspect of setting up and altering a google blog (blogspot or

E. T. Charles said...

Thank you for all the art posts. Would you post tips or a forum for setting up and altering a blogspot page?