Friday, October 9, 2009

Cal State Fullerton

Yesterday Jeanette and I stopped by Cal State Fullerton, which has a tremendous animation and illustration program.

After my talk, we were joined for lunch by Larry Johnson, Cliff Cramp (center), and Hala Swearingen, and a group of students.

We were hosted by an on-campus group called the "Pencil Mileage Club," who gave us a really cool sketch bag and sketchbook and pen. The Pencil Mileage club not only brings in speakers, but they take sketching field trips, they compare notes on networking, and they eat pizza and watch movies.

Thanks for inviting us! Photos courtesy Cliff Cramp and Dana Lamb on Facebook.

We've been visiting a bunch of other schools and studios, but haven't had much time to post.


Moai said...

If you come to Seattle, be sure to stop by Gage Academy!

TheMightyMarcOfFullerton said...

Thanks James for coming to my school. You really hammered it all in and answered the kinds of questions I had been wondering about for a long time.

Cliff Cramp said...

James, it was an absolute pleasure having you out to speak with our students at CSUF. You left a great impression and impact on the students.