Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spectrum's Call for Entries

The Spectrum has announced that it is now accepting artist submissions for its 17th annual of fantastic art. Volume 16 has reached U.S. docks and will be shipping out soon.

If you do imaginative art, it's a good idea to enter the Spectrum competition because its entry fees are reasonable, they give you a copy of the book if you get accepted, the quality of printing is unmatched, the level of talent is stratospheric, and the book is very well distributed. Categories include Comic Art, Book Illustration, Concept Art, Dimensional, Advertising, and Institutional.

This year's Call For Entries poster (click to enlarge) was designed by Paolo Rivera. Copies of his poster will soon be sent out via mail to US addresses. Foreign entrants (and those not currently on the mailing list) can download both the poster and entry forms from the website.

Entry info.
Paolo Rivera's blog.
Check out Paolo’s rough sketch for the poster.
Last year's annual, Spectrum 16, available online and at a small independent bookstore near you.


Paolo Rivera said...

Thanks for the link, Jim! It was a nice surprise to see my artwork on your blog.

Will Kelly said...

Hello Mr. Gurney,
I have loved your Dinotopia books since I was probably six or seven. I am now studying Illustration in college, and your inspiring work has helped me get here.
I just want to say thank you, and if you do end up doing another Dinotopia book, please use the ideas that you mentioned in the previous Lepidopter posts for the story line. That would make for the best one yet! Best wishes,
Will Kelly

James Gurney said...

Thanks, Will. Yes, Arthur Denison would be very interested in the Lepidopter. I wish you well in your studies, and maybe I will see your work in Spectrum.

Paolo, I can't wait to see your poster in its printed form. I wish the image file I had was a little bigger so that everyone can read all the clever in-joke characters. What a brilliant idea for a CFE poster--it will be proudly displayed in art studios everywhere.

draigstudio said...

Paola was just down here last week for our annual Comics Art forum. He wasnt on our panel discussion podcast but Mark Schultz was as well as some other amazing artists.

draigstudio said...

And Paola is a very nice guy. I enjoyed talking to him at dinner about sculpting and painting.