Thursday, October 29, 2009

Imagine FX 50th Issue

ImagineFX magazine is marking the occasion of its 50th issue by pulling out all the stops and delivering a lavish issue, including:

Concept art from the film District 9.

Spotlight on master painter Craig Mullins.

Marshall Vandruff’s most extensive animal anatomy feature yet, focusing on the head.

My own 25 tips on how to create a science fiction future with a believable history, expanded from the material in Imaginative Realism. This article involved scouting a lot of dodgy neighborhoods looking for signs of wear and tear such as cracking concrete, rusting retrofitting, and dripping fryer vents. If you like, I'll serialize some of these tips in future blog posts.
ImagineFX website.
Spectrum review of Imaginative Realism.


Samizdat said...

yes, please do!

Erik Bongers said...

If we like???

David Still said...

I'd like that very much!

I received a copy of Imaginative Realism almost two weeks ago, and while I haven't yet read all of it (unfortunately I had to go to Venice for a week - you know how it is...), I must say I like the book very much and i will no doubt make use of the information in it!

I can say to potential European buyers, I bought my copy off After solving some issues regarding payment (I don't have a credit card, but the British Amazon accepts Visa Electron, but my bank doesn't allow online purchases, bla bla bla..), the book dropped down in my mail box here in Finland just a few days after it had been shipped, and several days before it's estimated shipping date. I don't know about other countries, but i didn't have to pay any import tax or anything.

So thank you, Mr. Gurney for a wonderful book!

Johan said...

Yes, please!

Ray Lederer said...

Yes please! Can't wait to pick this up. They tend to arrive in the states a month after UK release.
I'll have to exercise some patience..

Anonymous said...

"If you like, I'll serialize some of these tips in future blog posts"

I'll join the chorus: Yes, please!

Unknown said...

Marshall Vandruff is an awesome guy and teacher. This issue is worth it just for that.

Tyler J said...

Definitely do! Thanks for the heads up on the issue as well.

Unknown said...

I think a serialized tip section would be a grand thing. I know it'd be a boon to me, anyhow.

That's a glossy I'll need to pick up this month.

Jacob Reidt said...

Saw the issue at the Ringling college library, and your bit was awesome.

Also, I made a request for imaginative realism there...I intend to buy it in the near future, but I'm on a very tight budget right now and my classes keep making me buy the expensive paper :(