Friday, October 9, 2009

Imaginative Realism Reviews

Thanks to Adam Koford of Drawn for the nice review of Imaginative Realism:

I’ve spent the last several days devouring James Gurney’s new book Imaginative Realism: How to Paint What Doesn’t Exist.

It’s a treasure. Using samples from his illustrious career, he takes the reader through his thought process and explains principles both basic (setting up an efficient studio, thumbnail sketches) and advanced (shapewelding, counterchange, flagging the head).

Read it once and flip back through to see where he’s applied these principles. You’ll also start seeing your work with new eyes, which is the mark of a great teacher.

Also, I'm very grateful to John Fleskes, the publisher of so many wonderful book titles on classic illustrators for his vote of confidence:
What I enjoy about Gurney’s work is that he knows his fundamentals and knows how to paint a believable realistic figure in fantasy, historical, and real world situations. And, as is testament in Imaginative Realism, he has no trouble breaking down the process in a simple and easy to understand approach.

Finally, thanks to the reviewers on (whoever you are) for your generous words.


John Calvin said...

I received my copy of "Imaginative Realism" the other day, and I am so impressed. First, let me thank you for shipping it before my check cleared. I appreciate the faith. I loved the original sketch in the front. The quality of the binding, paper, printing, and clarity of the pictures is outstanding, and worth far more than its price. The amount of information is staggering, and I've already spent several hours poring over its contents, thanks to the flu and a couple of sick days I had to take. I especially like the tone of the writing; always down-to-earth, helpful, friendly, and inspiring. Never high-brow, condescending, or self-promoting. At 224 pages it is certainly not short, but I would have been willing to read much more. Well done, a true home run. THANK YOU!

Andrés Carrandi said...

Congratulations Mr. Gurney. These are just a small recognition to your great work.

I expect to get my copy shortly!

Oscar Baechler said...

Just got mine yesterday! Beautiful work, man. With this blog and your book you've really earned your spot alongside Loomis and Bouguereau IMHO as one of the all-time great art instructors.

BTW, plugged you on Facebook, hope it helps.

James Gurney said...

Thanks, everybody! You are all so generous. To those of you who ordered during last week or so, I appreciate your patience. Jeanette and I will be returning home to ship your order on Monday.

--James Gurney

Johan said...

Dear Sir,

it arrived yesterday and I can only add to the superlatives used by everyone.

Thanks for this!
Have a nice day,
Johan Derycke

Unknown said...

I gotta gets me my signed copy!!!!!

jfarsenault said...

Hi Mr. Gurney,

I was at your lectures at LAAFA the other day. Thank you for coming out, the lectures I was able to stay for were great they were both highly informative and entertaining as well! I have been reading your book non-stop since I picked it up the other day and it was worth it alone if it only had the section on composition! Definitely one of the best art books I have ever read. Thank you!

Mark Heng said...

Hi JG,
I knew this book would be good, but it exceeded my expectations with even more illustrations, examples, and tips than I bargained for! Great to see lots of stuff in addition to the blog material. Mucho satisfaction.

Scott Conner said...

John Fleskes also really knows how to put together beautiful books. Everything he's published so far has been the pinnacle of what a good art book should be.