Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Seeing What's Not There

A couple more images from Baby Tattooville last weekend:

In an atrium of the Mission Inn, there's a fountain.

I sat there and sketched it, and here's one of the creatures that waddled up for a sip early one morning when no one was looking.

Then a saucer descended and dropped off this guy, who was old and twice as huge before he took a sip.

By the way, the BT event was covered by the TV show Nightline, so keep an eye out on that program in the next couple of weeks.


My Pen Name said...

Just wanted to say I got my book the other day and was pleasantly surprised by the scope and content(i expected it to be good, being a long time read of your blog, but I didn't expect the book to touch on so many different tips and techniques).

It's 'fun' to read and look at, and a great overview of different techniques for painting what's 'not there'.

Lucianthinus said...

I've only been to Mission Inn once, but it was beautiful there, full of inspiration. :D I took some great photography shots while I was there. I'm loving your little pieces inspired by it! :)

James Gurney said...

Books: Thanks so much for the nice comment on Imaginative Realism. That book really grew out of the conversations on this blog, so it's a book with many authors, and I'm grateful to everyone who comes to this water cooler.

Lucian: Yes, the Mission Inn was incredible. We were there four days, but kept getting lost and finding new nooks and crannies.

Andrew said...

I'm surprised you were able to get a quick sketch of a Welsh Lapper in. I always thought they were notoriously shy of cameras and sketchbooks!

I had a pleasant surprise in the mail today, as I got my copy of Imaginative Realism! I flipped through it a bit before sitting down at the draft table today, but I can tell it's going to be good (I suspect it will begin to suffer the fate of most of my favorite books, and become quite worn and dog-earred.)

jeff jordan said...

I just finished reading everything in IR, and I was impressed by the vast degree of information presented in a very straightforward, concise manner. As a self-described Old Dog, I can say I picked up a few new tricks. What a gold mine for students of all ages, not to mention a big dose of inspiration.

Good work, Jim!

ragnar said...

It was a real treat meeting you at Baby Tattooville and getting a chance to chat a bit. Thank you for the book. I hope you guys had a good time and that the rest of your trip is going well.

Julita said...

Hi James, it was fantastic having you attend BT! Your little drawings are fabulous and I can't wait till I receive mine. Though I didn't get to speak with you much, I did speak to your wife quite a bit and was glad to be informed of the Enchantment exhibit that will be coming up and I'm planning to attend. Can't wait to see you there!

Fetusfryer said...

Hi James it was so much fun talking with you and your wife during Baby Tattooville! Thanks for letting me sit with you guys right before the event ended as I ate some more food from the brunch before they closed, it was a pleasure!!

Bill Cramer said...

I grew up in Riverside and spent many days running around the Mission Inn (my grandfather was the mayor of Riverside in the 60s and 70s and later my grandmother lived there when it had apts). I remember it before they resotred it. Back then it had lots of deteriorating, mysterious corners to explore. One amazing area was a delapidated Chinese section with dragon and all. I don't recall seeing your little friend there, he was probably hiding in the shadows. Great blog and thanks for the old Riverside memories!

Anonymous said...

It's fantastic that you were able to capture those creatures that are "not there" in such simple activity.
I've been inspired to create creatures that are not here, yet! Thanks for blogging.