Monday, October 12, 2009

October International Artist

Check out the current October/November issue of International Artist magazine, which includes a little piece I wrote about seeing your composition in two values, adapted from Imaginative Realism.

There are also feature spotlights on Zhuo S. Liang, Randy Ford, Joseph Todorovitch, and Ann Manry Kenyon.


Tyler J said...

Jim (if I may be so informal), I think your link might be broken. I could not get it to work.

Every night I do a sketch on a toned background with only black and white to hit the darker and lighter values.

Its obviously an old technique but very effective for quickly getting some sculptural form.

I use it because it lets me focus on fewer issues, and the ones that I routinely botch: angle, size and position.

I hope that those are the things you are addressing in your article (otherwise I'll feel more blow-hardy).

James Gurney said...

Hopefully the link works now.