Thursday, October 15, 2009

Six Foot Chicken

It’s the 15th of October, and that means it's time for our group sketch game called "Art by Committee." The way it works is I share an excerpt from a science fiction story and you come up with a picture to go with it.

This month the quote was :
"I became immediately and irrationally angry. How dare this six foot chicken with a silly red crest on top of his narrow foolish head say that we humans were deficient in feii? I controlled...."

You all had fun with the story and the annoying chicken. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Michael Geissler.

Patrick Waugh

Andy Wales
Blog (full panels)

Mei-Yi Chun
Website with Image

Rob Hummer

Andrew Garrison

Susan Adsett

Here's the drawing that appears in the original ABC book.

AND please check out this link for a whole lot more solutions to this ABC challenge by students in Mansfield University's "Intro to Drawing" class.

Now here’s the quote for next month:

“He is shorter than I remember, and thin. His fur is grayed to white in a fringe around his head, just below his ears. His coat is dull, thinning, and coarse. His eyes, so bright I…”

Have fun! Please scale your JPG to 400 pixels across and compress it as much as possible. Title it with your name, send it to: jgurneyart(at), subject line ABC. Please let me know in your email the full URL of the link to a larger image or your blog or website so people can see your image at full size and learn more about your other work. Please have your entries in by the 12th of November. I'll post the results November 15.


Erik Bongers said...

Off topic, but the Amazon transatlantic booktanker finally arrived in Antwerp with my copy of Imaginative Realism.
Contrary to most commentators who throw with superlatives after they read it, I'm hereby throwing this terminology to describe the anticipation with wich I'm going to read it.


I will now turn off the computer, read, sleep and wake up a new artist tommorrow morning. Farewell old me!

Unknown said...

My copy from should be shipping right now, so I hope I'll find it in the mailbox this evening, and when I get the time, I'll be reading it this evening as well...
If not, my transformation into another artist will have to wait a few days...

Paul Bozzo said...

Thank you for posting our composite of drawings by Mansfield University students. The class was excited to share their solutions. We are a small art department that is up and coming in the world of art offering graphic design, art history, art education and, soon, a BS in studio art with emphasis on practical jobs. A new arts building is underconstruction and due to be finished next fall. BEst, PaulB

James Gurney said...

Paul, thanks for having your class work on the ABC challenge. From what Andy Wales has told me, it sounds like you've got a great art program.

Erik and Ivo, I hope the book lives up to your expectations, and that you don't transform into six-foot chickens.