Friday, June 10, 2016

A Regular at the Diner

Jim is a regular in the diner. He sits at the counter at seat #2 and Rocky sits on his right. What I didn't know is that Jim has been taking painting classes. (Link to YouTube)

A Regular, casein and gouache
"Portraits in the Wild" releases as an HD download ($14.95) and a DVD ($24.50) on Monday, June 13 at noon. There will be discounts on that day for blog readers and for people watching my live demo and Q&A on Facebook Live, Monday, noon EST.

What the experts are saying:
“James Gurney’s “Portraits in the Wild” is one of the most informative (as well as entertaining) art videos I’ve ever seen. Not only does James cover all the materials and techniques necessary for painting people in natural environments from life, but he conveys the experience of getting out of the studio and absorbing the stories, characters, and marvelous variety of the world around us. This is art at its best.”
Scott Burdick 

“In this clear, friendly tutorial, Gurney demonstrates the overlapping roles of observation and invention in portraying scenes of real life outside the studio. For artists at all skill levels, Gurney offers both a wealth of practical tips for making art under chaotic conditions, and a vivid example of the practice of seeing value and meaning in all people, places, and things.”

“James cleverly gets Scott Corey, a docent at Sturbridge Village, to give a spontaneous monologue while he is being painted. I wish all models were such great storytellers! This sequence features a bravura bit of painting where James, with no great fuss, goes into what might have been an 80% finished portrait, and obliterates it with gouache, so that he can repaint for better results.”
 Marc Taro HolmesRead Marc's full review on UrbanSketchers


Mitch said...

Lovely slice of life as always. But you left us hanging on the subplot! I wish I could have heard the rest of the conversation about his art classes. :-)

James Gurney said...

Mitch, yeah, it's kind of an interesting story. He had one art teacher who made him buy a bunch of supplies and just lectured the whole time. He's happier now with his new art teacher, who has him and the class all paint along together on the same image. He says he's learning a lot that way.

Clara Lieu said...

Terrific video! I really enjoy your videos because they show the entire process, but get to the point quickly. You are so incredibly efficient with your brushwork, in this painting, you use so few brush strokes to convey the wrinkles in the clothing, and yet it's all there. When I was in art school, I really, really wanted to be a painter. Only took 8 years to figure out that actually, I really was not a good painter and that I'm much better in drawing and printmaking! So when I see someone who really has masterful command of a brush, I appreciate it so much.

Keith Patton said...
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