Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Review of PITW on Lines and Colors

Charley Parker Lines and Colors reviewed Portraits in the Wild yesterday. Here's an excerpt:
"His latest instructional video takes on the rarely mentioned but important concept of painting Portraits in the Wild. While it may seem to be a specialized approach, in that sketching people on location is more common than creating paintings of people on location, the subject has broader applications than are evident at first glance. 
Gurney’s instructional videos are often multi-leveled — conveying information about painting and the artistic process in ways both overt and subtle. What is on the surface a specific challenge of painting people on location carries insights into materials, techniques and artistic decision making that is applicable to a much broader range of subjects.”
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Unknown said...

Not a review, but I wasn't sure if you'd seen the favourable mention you got recently on Muddy Colors.