Thursday, June 16, 2016

Painting Singers While They Sing

(Link to video) When I set up my easel on the sidelines of an old-time singing convention, I didn't know what to expect.

I worried that I would be disruptive, but they were so wrapped up in the music, they hardly noticed me. I just had to move my easel at one point to stay clear of the stampede at the lunch table. 

On breaks, each of the women I was painting was pleased to see themselves show up in my sketchbook.

Palette of casein colors. Mixing surface is a
metal pencil box lid spray painted white
Once I realized that all the singers would be changing seats and moving around between songs, I had to streamline my approach. That meant: 1) Drawing with the brush, 2) Premixing commonly used colors, 3) Finishing each person in turn.

This video segment is 30 minutes long in the full tutorial. It's the longest single painting demo I've yet done on one of my videos. This was in response to a request from you to show longer and more complete coverage of paintings from start to finish.

Portraits in the Wild 
Download (66 minutes, 1080p HD widescreen MP4 video) Available at GumroadSellfy, and Cubebrush.
DVD (NTSC widescreen with slideshow) Available from and from Amazon.


Jeff said...

That's a wonderful video. thanks for posting it.
Did the singers like their portraits?

A Colonel of Truth said...

Nice. Golf applause!

Ruth Squitieri said...

I just finished watching your Portraits in the Wild. I couldn't stop, I watched the whole thing in one sitting, and will definitely come back. It's wonderful. Makes me want to sketch people in color! It's so different than with a pencil and line-focused. I think you get more accurate with your "looking for shapes" than for lines. I am also hooked on gouache now, after having been a fan of your blog for some time now. What a wonderful medium!

Unknown said...

I loved your video - it makes me want to play with casein! Thank you.