Sunday, June 19, 2016

Painting Ice Water in Gouache

I couldn't find anything else to paint, so I painted the cup of water. (Link to YouTube)

Ice Water, gouache, 5 x 8 inches.
But looking at that ice water made me thirsty so I had wait a half hour before I could drink it.
Download the Gouache in the Wild Tutorial
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HNK said...

A wonderful video. Thank you for it.

Fabio said...

Interesting study as always!
I wanted to ask this last time during the demo too, but I forgot: do you recommend practicing a medium (in this case, gouache), indoors first, then take it in the wild? Or just go for the wilderness as it's better to learn with the urge of the moment?

Karl Smith said...

Another terrific demo- are you considering a "Gouache in the wild part 2"? It would be great to see a range of subjects covered in detail. I for one would buy the dvd.

sketcher said...

Thank you for continuing to share your techniques. I paint in watercolor and have been using a sketchbook. When I have a painting that fails I would like to recover the page. Is it better to use casein or acryla gouache as an under coating for watercolor? I know the surface will not be as receptive as the original paper but I am hoping one of them might work. Is it possible to lightly sand the casein or acryla gouache to improve adhesion? Thank you.

Glenn Tait said...

Sketcher, you could use a watercolor ground which enables you to paint back in with watercolours.

There is video with more information here

sketcher said...

Hello Glen,
Thank you for the information. I had no idea this product existed. This should solve the problem.

Laura Downunder said...

Hi James, from the Land of Oz,
Really enjoy your blog posts and your generosity in sharing - thank you. I have Colour & Light and recommend it to fellow artists down here.
I am travelling to Spain shortly and have been preparing a small travelling painting kit - you mentioned that you sometimes travel with a waterbrush filled with sepia, and another filled with black ink. Have you travelled on a plane with these and if so did you experience any leakage?


James Gurney said...

Hi, Laura,
Yes, the cabin pressure on air flights is lowered enough to occasionally cause issues with brush pens that are filled with ink. Usually after you land and the pressure equalizes the problem is over, but if you try to use them mid-flight, they sometimes leak. To be extra safe you could wrap each pen in a paper towel and put them in a plastic bag.

Rick Majors said...

You could sell this clip as a commercial for NEW Pepsi Ice Water!