Tuesday, June 28, 2016

High Country Caravan

The Paraceratherium caravans carry supplies from Simang to the high camps of Kangduk. From Dinotopia: Journey to Chandara, coming out this fall in a new softcover edition.


Eugene Arenhaus said...

Aren't the poor things cold? :)

Sesco said...

What a wonderful painting! Think of all the imaginative elements present: (a) the choice of prehistoric animal (b) a prehistoric animal in action pose (c) a prehistoric animal domesticated (d) the monotone background with colored center of action (e) choice of setting, ie waterfall (f) the choice of crossing a waterfall, not walking beside it (g) a single footfall to cross the waterfall creating precariousness and interest (h) the inclusion of a man to boost scale of size, plus the wonderfully imaginative story line of the book itself creating the overall setting for the painting. Much fun.