Thursday, June 23, 2016

Nature Fest at the LA Natural History Museum

Photo courtesy of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Natural History Museums love artists! This weekend the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County will host a "Nature Fest." Members of the local group of LA Urban Sketchers and others from Plein Air painting community will be painting and sketching at the location.

Photo courtesy of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Museum scientists and dozens of Southern California nature organizations will be on site to answer questions, and there will be behind-the-scenes tours of the ornithology collections.

Painters are normally prohibited from painting in the Museum's outdoor nature gardens, but during this weekend, they're allowed.

Ongoing programming includes roaming performances, hands-on activities, landscape artists in residence at work, as well as a chance to take a photo with "Charles Darwin."

Nature Fest at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, June 25 and 26.


bernicky said...

Complete non-sequitur. I was interviewing for a part time job in an art store today and the subject of casein came up which naturally lead to your name coming up. The gentleman who was interviewing me said that he thought he had heard you were coming to Montreal to give a one day seminar or demonstration either late in the summer or early fall. Is this true? Where can I sign up?

James Gurney said...

Bernicky, your art school contact was right, and it will be coming up in Montreal in a little over a week. It's called Syn Studio's Gathering of Masters. I regret to say, though that it is sold out. Here's a link to the info.

bernicky said...

Sorry it's sold out. That's a nice area of Ste. Catherine. There's a wonderful church across the street and a little farther to the west there's what used to be the Hudson's Bay flagship store after they bought over the location from Morgan's, just west of that St. Stephen's Cathedral surrounded by a modern skyscraper that was designed to compliment the Cathedral proper. Hope it all goes well. Sorry I heard about it too late.....well it will give me time to study and one day show up with some proper questions. Enjoy the town while you're here.

Shiho Nakaza said...

Thank you for mentioning Urban Sketchers! Hope to meet you when you are in L.A. next time.