Sunday, November 4, 2007

Answers to Art History, Simplified

Here are the solutions to the art history puzzle from a few days ago. You may not agree with all the answers (I guessed wrong on a lot of them), and there’s plenty of room for debate.

Modigliani, for example, was as famous as El Greco for his elongated forms in #2, and the starched ruff in #4 really could have been Rubens as well as Hals.

The Gericault solution was a bit conceptual, based, I suppose on the Raft of the Medusa. Starhorse actually guessed Norman Mingo for #24. Way to go! Mingo was the artist famous for painting Alfred E. Neuman.

Begging your indulgence, I’ll stick with the solutions as they were provided in the version I ran across. Credit goes to the early guessers, who paved the way.

By my count—and check me if I'm wrong—the high scorers were:

  • David, honorable mention, with 16 correct answers;
  • Kristel, Mark Hudgins, Michael L, Meredith D., Lekola, and Larin, the runners-up with 17;
  • and Amy Stegner and Starhorse, the winners with 18.

If that count is right, I'll ask Amy and Starhorse to please email your mailing addresses to, and we’ll send you the signed Dinotopia map and bookplate. Thanks again to all who took part.

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Nicolas said...

I thought I would do better. Honestly, I was pretty proud of my idea for 12, Le Lorrain being THE sunsets master. And I couldn’t believe for anyone else for 24, Damian Hirst being so famous for his rotting tiger shark and his motivation for… well… look at his eyes. Can you tell me more about this “Kincade” and explain a little why you drew him like this. I’m French (nodbody’s perfect…) and I’m afraid he is not really well known in Europe ?
Thanks anyway for the quizz, I had a lot of fun trying to put a name under each face. And thanks for posting s regularly, it is a pure pleasure to read you almost everyday.