Friday, February 17, 2012

"Content Aware" Photoshop

(Video Link) Adobe Photoshop shows off its "content aware" features, which make it possible to move elements around with only a rough selection. The photo-editing software removes the original element and fills in the background using intelligent analysis of adjacent pixels.
Via Best of YouTube
Adobe Photoshop Extended CS5 Upsell
By the way, thanks, Susan Fox for mentioning GurneyJourney on your blog!


Carol said...

Gee, that's quite a step forward ! Bravo à l'équipe de Photoshop !

karlsimon said...

looks fancy, but what I still miss in PS is a good way of organizing my brushes :P

bill said...

My number 2 watercolor brush is content aware.

Someday we'll think it and it will be there. Thought Aware for Photoshop.

Karin Corbin said...

And to think it only cost an arm and two legs to buy that ability, a mere $650.00.

ZZDas said...

This is cool, and if remind it right..this feature came up on CS5...and on that time i also heard about this resynthesizer plugin on GIMP that already existed:

and the how to install

and a video:

Just to let people now that some "magic" PS features are also avaible for free in the Opensource world which is a good thing...Just spreading the news.. :)

sute said...

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