Sunday, February 12, 2012

ESP Performer

I did this sketch from life of a street performer named Glenn Gazin. He did a mind-reading act in Central Park in New York City. This was back around 1980.

He perfected his act and used it in the nightclub he owned called "The Dive" on West 29th Street. The Dive hosted comedy acts, techno-pop, one-act plays, and horror movies.

A Nightclub called the Dive 


Keith Patton said...

I work on West 29th St , a few blocks from this address. So I walk by this area every day. It's right down the street from Kremer Pigments, only a few buildings over. Funny how the neighborhood has changed.

Nicholas Gazin said...

That's my dad.

James Gurney said...

Cool. Small world!

Tani Conrad said...

That's my ex- husband and I was co-owner of the Dive! Excellent drawing! You really got his posture and attitude.