Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Here are the letters “S” “T” and “C” arranged in a monogram by the ornamental penman and engraver John Mauritz Bergling (1866-1933).

In Bergling’s day, the art of the monogram was lavished on letterheads, luggage, heraldry, business advertising, and decorations on silver. 

This design mixes three different lettering styles with an interlocking scheme that would hold together nicely if you made it out of actual materials.

It's from Bergling’s book Art Monograms and Lettering


Torbjörn Källström said...

Cool. I guess this is sort of used today as well. For example the Sony Ericsson logo... But interlocking the letters like that looks pretty neat. :)

Alonso said...

ha! graffiti ancestor, a piece of art starting from letters but embellished and overlapped to such an extent that only the initiated or very patient can decipher it

william said...

When I designed a logo for myself, for use on my website, business cards, postcards etc. I did an interlocking monogram. I'll post my web address if anyone is curious (It's part of the watermarked background). I encourage anyone who like messing around with hand lettering to give it a try.