Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mikhail Ryasnyansky (1926-2003)

Mikhail Ryasnyansky (1926-2003) was a painter from Ukraine. He fought in World War II but was discharged in connection with serious injuries and a concussion.

Ryasnyansky's first name is written either Mihail, Mikhail or Michael. 

He studied under Tetyana Yablonska. Later he taught at the Kiev Art Institute. 

His portraits have simple backgrounds and a controlled focus on the face and hands, with other areas handled more softly and broadly. 

His drawings are soulful, with a keen sense of tonal values.

He was an avid outdoor painter, and his on-the-spot landscapes are painted with bold colors and thick paint. 


Tom Hart said...

Thanks for shining the light on another fantastic unknown (to me) painter who obviously deserves to be more widely appreciated. I love comparing the differences in approach of that plein aire work and the studio pieces. I'm also struck by the striking eye level he chose for the top portrait.

Kris Chinalski said...

Lovely and wonderful work. I especially like the drawing of the man.

Any idea what the metal object is that the woman is holding in her hand? I immediately wondered why it was important enough to include in a portrait.

Susan Williamson said...

Thank you for sharing this artist's work. I never saw this painter's work...what a wonderful gift you have given us!

RK said...

The objects the woman is holding almost like like figure ice skates. Fantastic work.

RK said...

The objects the woman is holding almost look like figure ice skates. Fantastic work.

Bobby La said...

Hi James. First up got to thank you for your blog. I'm setting myself up for some serious plein air work and your tips and process are proving to be invaluable. I did Fine Arts here in Melbourne Australia in the late 70's and learnt nothing of any real value so here I am - bashing my head against the craft gleaning what I can from the pro's.

So thanks again! Also thought you might like this site which appears to have stalled since 2013, but the backlog of posts are well worth a look.

ABOUT Art Inconnu:

Collected here are works by artists who are forgotten, under appreciated, or little known, as well as news, reviews and ephemera from the corners of art history. Works of startling quality can be found beyond the big names in the visual arts, whether it is just one exceptional work, an area of an artists oeuvre, or an entire career worth re-examining.

Regards Ross McLeod (I'm using my partners Facebook ID cos I don't have one)

P.S ...and greetings from the Dandenong Ranges! (love your stamps)

Beth said...

His work is so beautiful.

Gavin said...

Hadn't heard of this artist before, but love his work - thank you for the introduction.

I wanted to see the drawing in a larger size. The biggest I can find is :

Robert J. Simone said...

The woman is definitely holding a pair of ice skates. Nice work!

James Gurney said...

Gavin, thanks for sharing that larger file. I've added it to the post.

Bobby, I appreciate you for reminding me of Art Inconnu.

Lisa L. Cyr said...

Great post!

Jennifer Branch said...

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful artist!