Monday, June 13, 2016

Facebook Followup

Thanks for everyone who joined in to the Facebook Live stream, and stuck with oddly intermittent broadcast (we had an awesome connection, but it kept freezing and dumping us out.)

Anyway, here's the 15 minute gouache demo. We'll go through all the comments, shares, and questions posted up until 9:00 tonight to choose winners for the prizes (Australian First Day cover, Dinotopia trading cards for best comment, and Department of Art patch for best share).
Portraits in the Wild
Download (66 minutes, 1080p HD widescreen MP4 video) Available at Gumroad and Sellfy.
DVD (NTSC widescreen with slideshow) Available from and from Amazon (regular price)


Jeff said...

I ordered your DVD and I'm looking forward to watching it but I wasn't smart enough to get the facebook stream to work. If you ever post some of the video can you announce it?
thanks, Jeff

Fabio said...

Jeff, I think the chunks are all here on James' profile

kevo said...

Where were you filming the livestream? You wouldn't happen to be in DC, would you?