Monday, October 19, 2015

Corn Harvest

The corn harvest is still going strong in Illinois and Indiana. Yellow mountains of corn are piling up at the edges of towns.

Not a kernel of that corn will be eaten by humans. It will be processed into animal feed, ethanol, and corn syrup.


julia lundman said...

Reminds me of a short story I just finished listening to (audio book), called, "The Yellow Dust" by Oliver Smith. Here is a review of the book, a collection of "cosmic horror" stories. :)
Worth a listen on a road trip, IMHO!

James Ramsdell said...

Your your posts are always such food for thought. Pardon the pun! My first first thought was, "who'd want to eat that stuff anyway, it's field corn, not sweet corn?" Only to go googling and find out that field corn is the source of corn meal, corn flour, and corn syrup and found in many foods containing "corn".

Pilgrim said...

Can be so dangerous, if a person gets sucked down into it, like quicksand.