Friday, October 9, 2015

Oh My Gouache!

Cindi Foreman asks on her blog: "Oh My Gouache! What colours should I use for GurneyJourney's Graveyard Painting Challenge?"

Hmmm. Close your eyes and pick three at random. Or do a seance and ask Sargent.


Eugene Arenhaus said...

Random triad? Nice idea, but if you have a big set, you could conceivably end up with, say, English red and red ochre and azo red. Then you are pretty much painting in one color!

Sorting the paints into three piles (reds/oranges, yellows/browns, blues/greens) and pulling a random tube out of each pile would produce a more workable - and still occasionally very challenging - triad.

James Gurney said...

Yes, it would be a risk/challenge to reach in at random. It would make a great game show.

Jenna Berry said...
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