Monday, October 5, 2015

Videos: Eyellusions, Ugly Babies, and Imagination

A few videos you might enjoy:

Using simple visual effects techniques that anyone can do—such as green screen, stop motion, and foreground miniatures—Hull and Train Exhibits created a short silent fantasy epic inspired by Melies. (Link to YouTube) Be sure to watch until 9:00 (or skip ahead) to see a behind-the-scenes sequence revealing how each gag was accomplished.

This video is part of the Eyellusions Exhibition opening in Frisco, Texas, billed as a “Victorian-themed time-traveling exploration of the wonderful and vast world of illusions.”

Vox presents a survey of creepy looking babies in Medieval paintings. Why did they look that way, and why did they morph into cute babies later on? (Link to YouTube).

"Imagination" by PermaGrinFilms from PermaGrinFilms on Vimeo.

Stop motion, pixilation, motion control, and a lot of patience went into this real-world animated fantasy of what was inside the mind of a 1980s and 1990s child. (Link to Vimeo) See the Behind the Scenes here.
Thanks, Hall Train, Cartoon Brew and Roberto Q.
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