Monday, October 26, 2015

Painting at a Wolf Sanctuary

In this new video, we visit a wolf sanctuary to feed the wolves and paint their portraits. (Link to YouTube video)

Wolves are silent most of the time, and they bark only when they're scared. When occasional visitors like us appear at the sanctuary, the "ambassador wolves" are curious to meet us. 

They're hungry and restless at first because it's feeding day, which happens only twice a week. After feeding them donated livestock, we enter the enclosure and sit down with our backs straight.

I'm not scared, really, but more intensely riveted, especially when they bring their noses right up and press them against mine, with their yellow eyes looking right through me. 

Portraits of wolves by James Gurney, casein, 5 x 8 inches
Once they have checked us out to see we're not a threat, they're no longer interested in us. They're ready to take a nap, and we set up our easels just outside their enclosure. 

Here's a video with more about Mission: Wolf (Link to Vimeo)

Mission: Wolf allows visitors, and you can even stay there for a couple weeks if you're willing to volunteer your time.


Tobias Gembalski said...

Thank you for letting us joining your adventures! I hope you had a nice time with your sons.

Garrett Pack said...

I'm envious of your chance to meet and paint these magnificent animals. Thanks for sharing!

sonny gauss said...

so cool its just amazing how well you capture the planes of the wolf's face! James, do you ever plan to release your sketchbooks for sale much like the way Kim Jung Gi does? Many of us will definitely benefit from seeing your sketchbooks up close!

Belinda said...

Wonderful! I loved the video you attached. Years ago I went to watch the sun set on the cliffs of Bon Echo (Ontario) and met a man on the shore with what I thought was his dog. But it was a very old wolf he had rescued from some abusive loggers in the woods long ago. The wolf let me sit with him and stroke him...his fur was nothing like a dog's. This is one of those jewel memories that I treasure...the company of this kind man, his aged wolf and the majesty of those cliffs with the sun glowing on them.

kevinwparker said...

Wow! I was just there earlier this month - I think I even recognize some of the wolves. I'll have to share the video with the folks I went with.