Friday, October 30, 2015

Meanwhile on YouTube

Street Painting in Indiana is my first YouTube video to pass 100K views. If you missed it, it's embedded and linked below.

(YouTube link) Thanks everyone for checking out my videos. 



Unknown said...

James, I particularly like the close up, almost real time aspect of this video. Also, the idea of putting in a time frame with the parking meter limit, keeps us moving forward. Of course, as always, nice work, keeping us inspired and working with pleasure.

Ed Penniman, Santa Cruz, CA

Robyn Jorde said...

I think this is my favorite, but can't put into words why that is.

Justin Johnson said...

Since you do so much work in sketchbooks, I wonder if you've ever considered doing your own bookbinding to get something just right. My wife and I got annoyed by having so much trouble finding the right combination of paper and size that we googled "make your own sketchbook" just so we could get Arches between hard covers. It took a few tries to get it right, but now we each have our personal favorite recipes, and plenty of great sketchbooks that are 'just so' for us, right down to case binding that's indistinguishable from moleskine's--or would be, but my wife is now all about using Japanese papers for her covers. With a bit of batching, a weekend is enough to provision us for months of sketching.

Anyway, give your readiness to construct the tools you prefer, I'm curious if this is something you've tried and rejected, or haven't tried yet.

Amellia Christine said...

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