Saturday, October 19, 2013

Behind the Laundromat

Here's a quick study in casein of a back street in Buena Vista, Colorado, painted while we did our laundry. I like these contre-jour street scenes because they automatically organize the values and they give a feeling of brilliant light.

Here's an early stage, showing the semi-transparent lay-in of big shapes, painted with a half-inch flat brush. I used just five colors: Titanium white, Venetian red, golden ochre, raw umber, and cobalt blue. The smaller details and refinements come last, painted with a smaller brush. Some of the final power lines are drawn with colored pencils.


Tom Sarmo said...

I like your capture of the crisp Rockies light a lot. Welcome to CO--hope you are enjoying the eclectic weather :)

Monika Baum said...

James, you do so much with seemingly so little! It just amazes me every time. Thanks for sharing!
Safe travels to you and Jeanette,

d-vallejo said...

I agree. Beautiful sketch from blockin to finish.

J M said...

I love your plein-air sketches for many reasons, but especially because they capture wonderfully the atmosphere and light effects, and because you show that any around-the-corner stop is worth capturing and provides a little world to enjoy and get into.