Sunday, October 20, 2013

Painting a Husky

We're hanging out with a family of glassblowers in the high country of Colorado. They own a husky named Dea who has a sleeping mat near the wood stove. The challenge was figuring how to get her to settle around us strangers.

We took her for a long walk and gave her a little taste of honey baked ham. Best friends for life!

She got sleepy and comfortable and curled up in husky style, with the nose beneath the tail, just what I was hoping for. Still, I figured I might only have 15 minutes to paint her before she got up and changed position.

I used casein (black, white, golden ochre, and cadmium green), mixing it on my watercolor palette, and painting with a big round watercolor brush. There was no time for a pencil preliminary, and I was working over one failed start where she moved from another position, so I did all the drawing with the brush.

Painting is a sort of drawing. The only difference is that the brush and paint give you much more versatility and control.


Erik Bongers said...

Nice usage of drybrush technique!

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Very nice
A napping dog is a painting to relax by. I can feel the warmth of a fireplace from your post.

Rich said...

Well, when you say "painting is a sort of drawing", you're probably right.

Looking at your recent posts, I'm tempted to add: "painting is a sort of writing"... at least when it is done and performed with such an ease.

It all looks so easy! The hard years of work behind are not easily noticed;-)

natalya said...

"Painting IS a sort of drawing" YES!!
Lovely work, as always, James.

John VanHouten said...

Very cute. I sketched my dog in that same pose a month or so ago.

Heather Lynn Harris said...

I love to paint dogs too! But I have never attempted from life...I admire your spirit as well as your painting:)