Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hand Blown Glass

(Direct link to video) My son Frank is working as an apprentice at a glass art studio in Colorado called Homegrown Handblown. This studio was the destination for our recent cross-country adventure.

I made this video profile as a thank-you gift to the glass artists Kirk and Katie Howlett and as a snapshot of my son's life.


Eugen Caitaz said...

wOW! iT LOOKS very cool! Amazing Work!

James please welcome in my blog! ;)

Janet Oliver said...

This is absolutely beautiful. What a lovely tribute to your son and his calling.

jytte said...

I do understand your son's fascination about glasblowing. First time I ever saw that was in Venice. Your son looks like a younger version of james :o)

Pierre Fontaine said...

Beautiful little documentary. Congratulations to the both of you!

Roberto said...

This is very kool! Frank has chosen a most creative and expressive material, and a very challenging craft!
Back in the day… I explored this medium (barely scratching the surface, literally) working with glass paints and glazes for stained-glass windows, and etching, sandblasting, and gilding designs for decorative mirrors, windows, and signs. The glass-art community are a very hard-working and creative folk, half Elves and half dwarves, shaping, welding and molding crystalline-colored light with torches and furnaces… earth, wind, fire, water, and light… it doesn’t get much more primordial and mythic than that!
One of my favorite glass artists is Dale Chihuly, from the pacific-north-west. His work is absolutely amazing! He has taken the decorative craft of making glass plates, bowls, vases, bottles, and lamps to the level of a fine-art, and he can paint too! Very inspiring.

The creative Gurney klan continues to blossom and thrive! Best to all-RQ