Friday, October 25, 2013

Video Contest Entries

At the end of August, I invited you to create 1-minute long videos for a contest called "Plein-Air Persistence."

There were five six entries, and they all show wonderful imagination and hard work. Please have a look through them and vote for your favorite in the poll at left.

1. Michael Goldberg
Video Link:

2. Frank Hegyi and Shane Kier
Websites: and

3. Meghan N. Sours
Video Link:

4. Matthew Kalamidas
Video Link:

5. Dominik Litwiniak 
Video link:
ADDENDUM: This last entry somehow fell through the cracks, and was apparently missed because of Gmail's spam filters. Although you can't vote for Nathaniel's video in the poll, tell him in the comments what you think!

6. Nathaniel Gold
Video Link:
The top vote getters will receive a signed book from me, as well as prizes donated by Richeson Art Products and Liliedahl Video Productions and will be featured in Plein Air Magazine. Dominik will automatically win some prizes since his was the only entry in the Animation category.

Voting will continue until Sunday night at midnight, so please tell your friends about the contest. Thanks to everyone who entered.
Plein Air Persistence contest announcement


Eric Rhoads said...

Congratulations to everyone! James I think we should show the winners at the Plein Air Convention in April.

Unknown said...

This is really incredible and inspiring to those of us who love art--so many adventures to be shared!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

I hope you will make this a yearly event, James! There are likely others who, like me, wanted to create a video for your fun contest but were covered up in commitments and/or deadlines this go-round.

Carole Pivarnik said...

How fun! *voted* I hope you do this again next some ideas percolatin'!

jeff jordan said...

Yo Nathan! You get my vote.

Nate Shaw said...

All of the entries were great but Frank Hegyi and Shane Kier's entry was really excellent. Maybe I'm just a sucker for slow dolly moves but it had really beautiful cinematography and editing.

Rich said...

Nathan came later, as far as I can see. His entry is inspired by Meghan, IMO.
I keep on voting vor Meghan.

James Gurney said...

Rich, Nathaniel's video was independently inspired, and he actually posted it to YouTube pretty early on. Regrettably, I had to post it late because his email entry to me got caught in the spam filter.

Rich said...

I see! Sometimes that spam filter goes on mindlessly filtering.

So my vote goes to inspired Nathan and inspired Meghan as well.
Love both of them; and all the others too;-)

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Nathaniel a voting option? :/

Jeff Herz said...

Nathaniel was robbed, it is an incredible work of art, that needs to be considered

James Gurney said...

Jeffrey and Allen,
I wish Nathaniel's film could have been included in the voting, but once a poll has opened and received votes, Blogger won't let you edit it. I had no way of knowing about Nathaniel's film until after the final entries were announced, because his email apparently disappeared in a spam filter. Thanks for your support and encouragement of his work--I loved it too and I'll send him a special prize.

Shane said...

My vote goes to Shane Kier.

Much my feelings.

Nathaniel Gold said...

Thank you everyone and thank you so much James this was great fun to do. No worries about not being able to vote for me I'm seriously honored to be a part of this and am so happy you all enjoyed the film.

Dominik said...

Congratulations to everyone who participated, great job!
It was a lot of fun to work on the film.

Shane Kier said...

Nate and Shane, thank you for your support!

Anonymous said...

Michael, Shane, Matthew, Dominik, and Nathan. You did such an amazing job. I laughed...I was inspired...It's been fun being plein air comrades this weekend. Thank you for sharing your vision and your work!

Anonymous said...

I'm too late to vote but I enjoyed watching the entries