Friday, October 4, 2013

Spectrum's new website

Spectrum, the annual showcase for fantastic art, has unveiled its new website, with a complete list previous books, call for entry information (deadline January 25), and video interviews with leading artists in the field.


Keith Parker said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm a bit surprised not to see you amoung the people interviewed; seemed like the IMC staff was represented in almost every video. I'd love to know more about Spectrum. Spectrum Live in particular is a bit of a mystery to me.

James Gurney said...

Hi, Keith, yes, I wasn't able to attend Spectrum Live 2 because of other commitments, but they certainly had a deep bench to draw from.

Unknown said...

Non Sequitur: Dear Mr. Gurney - would you please consider reprinting and or re-releasing "The Artist's Guide to Sketching" as a Kindle book? Have had so many recommendations for it recently. Cannot wait to read it!

Thanks for your time - Joanne :0)

artistpowell said...

Jim Christiansen was one of my professors. It was cool to see his work listed for the 1997 edition. I didn't stay with fantasy work, but seem to be headed back in that direction.
Anyway... The new website for Spectrum doesn't seem to be very functional. On my computer very few of the links worked. wah.
Do like your newsletters, especially when they are pithy and steeped in technique and historically wonderful artists.