Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sheep studies by Anton Braith

Sheep studies from life in oil by Anton Braith (German, 1836-1905), 40x58cm, about 16x23 inches. Compare to sheep studies in previous posts by Rosa Bonheur and Heinrich von Z├╝gel.


Anonymous said...

This brings up something that I have been stuggling with...the concept of doing studies in oil.

I have more than one mentor that acts like oil studies are worthless ("why do that, it's like you're painting the painting twice. Work it out intuitively as you go in the real painting") And Joe Weatherly, a contemporary animal artist, who is going to incorporate oil studies in his upcoming workshop said, "studies are considered old-fashioned and not in style anymore").

How has this thrend come about in recent times and how can imaginative realists learn to do this when nobody wants to teach it?

James Gurney said...

I would disagree with a mentor that says oil studies from life are worthless. Direct studies from living animals are the Mount Everest of painting, one of the toughest challenges you can face, but infinitely rewarding. Of course photos and videos are useful, too, but no substitute. I don't care what people consider in style or old fashioned. If it yields results--and it does!--it is worth it.