Thursday, October 10, 2013

Painting an orientalist figure

On his newly-launched blog, contemporary painter Ken Laager describes a private commission that gave him an opportunity to paint a 'Moorish Man-at-Arms.' 

Ken Laager, Moorish Man-At-Arms
He rented or fabricated weapons, costumes, and props, scoured photo collections, found a willing model, and used a carpet of his own that came from a market in Kabul.

Here's his preliminary pencil study, based on all his sketches and reference studies.

Read the rest at his blog: Ken Laager "A Moorish Man-At-Arms"
Ken Laager's website


Sean said...

I'm thoroughly impressed with the artist's technique, but I've noticed a quirk in the composition. Would it be appropriate to discuss it?

James Gurney said...

Sean, thanks for asking. It's up to you, but since Ken didn't submit it for a critique, I would suggest holding off.

jeff jordan said...

Seems to me like he totally nails Deutch. Beautiful!

Sean said...

No problem.

Ramon said...

Love this! It's great to see more people working with a true academic picturemaking process and getting such amazing results.