Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Painting at the Car Races

Here's a new video that takes you inside auto racing, based on a thrilling painting session from last Saturday. (Direct link to video)
Here's the painting. I was initially attracted to the backlighting of this view of the paddock area from the spectator hill in the outfield. I also loved the contrast between the crowded, noisy, hectic spectacle, and the peaceful autumn landscape that surrounds it.

Before the race, I spent an evening with my cousin Alex Gurney and one of his mentors, Sam Posey.

Sam is a retired racing car driver and a sports journalist. He knows the Lime Rock track from the driver's seat. He and his wife Ellen are also accomplished artists. While we talked about driving strategy, I sketched his portrait.

(Video link) In this video, you can ride along in the cockpit with Alex in one of last year's races as he passes Brawn, Luhr, Dalziel in last few minutes of the Detroit Grand Am 2012. 

Alex Gurney and Jon Fogarty won the Grand-Am Rolex Series Championship in 2007 and 2009, and they achieved a third-place finish overall in this year's championships.

Finally, check out Sam Posey's poetic teaser for the 24 hours of LeMans. (video link)


Carole Pivarnik said...

Zero interest in car racing here, but you have the artist's ability to make me see something worth looking at there! "Giving it all the power you can and hoping it holds the curve" is just about the best description of the painting process that I have ever heard! Thanks for another fun video.

Gail Hayton said...

I took your Open Window demo on Sunday night and very much enjoyed it. I have one question, does the casein paint loose its odor after being placed on the palette for a few minutes. I just bought a few tubes but have not used them yet. I am doing a demo at my gallery on Sat. (one of many artists doing demos) and thought about trying out my casein. Don't want to gas anyone out. Thanks
Gail Hayton

James Gurney said...

Gail, Yes, the smell gradually goes away and is only very faint after a few days if you keep it exposed. I kind of like the smell, and I notice it attracts animals for some reason, maybe the milk ingredient.

Katie said...

Car racing is always an interesting topic for me. I love watching car race show, it is indeed exciting and thrilling. Love the painting, it's totally awesome! bumper stickers