Monday, October 28, 2013

Photos from the exhibition

The Arkell Museum in Canajoharie, New York did a beautiful job with the Dinotopia exhibition. I was there yesterday for the opening events, and met a lot of families, art students, grandparents, and fellow writers and artists.

After the lecture and booksigning I went around through the exhibition with the docents telling them some of the behind-the-scenes stories of the paintings. Today I head over to the elementary school to talk about dinosaurs with the K-1, 2-3, and 4-5 students.
The exhibition will continue through February 9


Chad said...

Great job at the Arkell James. Good to meet you both and looking forward to the possible painting trip in Nov.

Chad Smith

Psycho James said...

Congratulations Mr Gurney! Everything about you is inspiring and super amazing! I also think it is awesome that, you're are inspiring the next generation of artist. Keep up the great work and may god shine down upon you and your family always! You're god sent for sure! All the best Jaime. ☃☃☃

Unknown said...

Hi Mr. Gurney :) I thought you would get a kick out of this one. My son Yuri, after meeting you and telling you about legos and making dinosaurs and ships, went home yesterday and immediately created two dinosaurs out of legos...and even modified one of the flying ones to be a firetruck of sorts :) I sadly did not get a chance to create a ship with him, so I guess he picked up the slack. Thanks so much for giving that talk and being a great role model for all of us :) Hope to someday be able to paint with you outside :)

-Will & Yuri
** here is the image of what he created below **