Thursday, September 20, 2012

Plein Air Painter Brian Stewart

(Video link) Brian Stewart of Minnesota left a career in advertising to focus on plein-air painting and guitar playing. The short video is by Steve Niedorf, part of a series he's doing called "By Hand," about people who do things with their hands.

Via, PleinAir magazine
If you live in Georgia, I'll be speaking at SCAD Atlanta today (Thursday, 9-20). The illustrated talk is at 11am, Event Space 4-C


Eileen Keelan said...

What a wonderful video! And what beautiful work Brian does - his paintings are a delight to the eye! The beautiful colours, freshness, the story-telling and beauty in each of his paintings is so lovely. Thanks for sharing!

vlad74 said...

I love it. Connecting with Nature is one of the most basic things every human should do. I think most of the people dont realise how much it helps us.

Claire Whitmore said...

As a MN native it's so wonderful to recognize some of those scenes...
Great video of an amazing painter. :)