Thursday, September 21, 2017

Day to Night Photos

Unlike plein-air paintings, which take hours or even days to complete, photographs are usually the product of a fraction of a second. 

Paris. Photo by Stephen Wilkes
An exception among photographers is Stephen Wilkes, who has documented a series of famous destinations in what he calls "Day to Night" photos.

Coney Island, Photo by Stephen Wilkes
Locking the camera in a fixed position, he takes photos over a period as long as 30 hours, the light shifting gradually from nighttime to daytime illumination. He then combines them later digitally. The effect works best in urban environments, where artificial light defines the nightscape.

Link to the 'Day to Night' photos of Stephen Wilkes


Jennifer Branch said...

Wow! Gorgeous!

Peter Drubetskoy said...

The second picture is obviously of Coney, not Ellis, Island...

James Gurney said...

Ha, you're right of course, Peter. Wouldn't it be awesome if we welcomed immigrants to America by putting them on the Ferris wheel and giving them the tour of the Funhouse.

Roberto Quintana said...

These remind me of Magritte’s painting: ‘Empire of Light’