Sunday, September 3, 2017

Storefront Challenge Results

Thanks to everyone for entering the "Paint a Storefront Challenge." We had about 70 entries from all around the world, and many of you overcame impossible odds: heat, cold, rain, cars parking in front, and strange pedestrians. There were some cheery stories of friends painting together, and some sad stories of stores closing. It was incredibly hard to choose the winners, but here they are:

Grand Prize Winner: Laurie Foster

"Aziz and Company is a wonderful family-run business that is closing in September after 53 years. It has been an institution in Ottawa (Ontario), and will be very missed. I sketched and painted this (in watercolours) from across the street in the comforts of the Bridgehead Coffee Shop."

"The owner of Aziz and Company really liked the fact that I was painting her store, though she found the "For Lease" sign sad. However, for this painting challenge, it helps tell the story."

Heather Martin

"I tried to paint several storefronts that each had their unique challenges and appeal, but the Pegasus Bookstore in Rockridge/Oakland was my favorite."

"I love bookstores so much, and I've spent so many hours in them as a kid, but this one felt extra special! I loved the quirky feel, and the shadow that the tree was casting on the building was so beautiful! After the bright sun started to leave, they pulled up the shades and I was tempted to start all over again. Gouache on mixed media paper."

Michael Anthony

 "This quaint little shop and gallery is called Church St. Arts and Crafts/Gallery."

"While much of Downtown Mount Holly, NJ is abuzz with construction, this gallery provides some solace from the jackhammers." (Thanks, Madii Bee for posting)

Thomas Ponzi

"Melabudin is a beloved local family run grocery store in the west part of Reykjavik, Iceland. This small shop is packed full of all the necessary essentials as well as loads of Icelandic and international gourmet produce."

"The sun was out when I found a shaded spot and started with pencil, but soon it got overcast and chilly. As often happens for me when using watercolors, I get the tonal values too light. My emphasis was on the entrance and flashy signage. No easel - pad on lap and watercolor set placed on a small wobbly canvas stool. Must improve setup for better results!"

Annie Rodrigue

"On St-Laurent st. in Montreal, there is this little gem of a store with a beautiful and eccentric storefront called Kitsch'N Swell. I love shopping there myself and the owner is such lovely person!"

"When I saw the challenge, I thought right away of this storefront for my subject. The walls are painted pink and gold, so figuring out how to pull this off that was definitely an interesting challenge in itself. Because of it, I opted for a limited palette of turquoise, pink, greenish-yellow and black. Going for that limited palette also helped me not too get too overwhelmed with the details: it would have been easy to go all over the place with colors. In the end though, I still got carried away with all the items in the windows. I think this is the longest pleinair painting I have ever done. The painting is 9x7 inches and done using a mix of watercolor pencils and gouache."

Diane R. Mannion

"Albritton Gallery, 5x7"gouache, 2 day plein air. Afterwards, found building was once post office and store of pioneer Cole family, my maiden name!" 

"Building in quant fishing village, the Fishery, Placida soon to be razed and become condos. Sigh, another vanishing spot in Florida."

Multimedia Winner: Amber Maruszewski

(Link to video) "Hello! I grabbed a friend and my sketchbook and went to paint the storefront of my favorite record shop. this shop has a really cool retro neon sign and exterior architecture elements, with a friendly, well-worn and cozy atmosphere inside. in my painting, i wanted to feature warm and cool colors to reflect the outside and inside moods. the shop is located in downtown madison, wisconsin, on the busy (and loud...) state street. i made this video about my experience! watercolor/gouache/mixed media, 8.5" x 11" (ish) , 1 hour."
Winners, please email me at gurneyjourney [at] gmail with your mailing address and which video download you would like.

Check out all 70+ entries in the Paint a Storefront Challenge on this Facebook link.


Armen said...

Congratulation to all of you. These are beautiful.

Carol Scown-Raynal said...

Really very nice ! I've got to run in one of your challenges... asap.

Alejo Porras said...

Great work you all, congratulations to all who participated and, of course, to the winners!!
I loved to read the stories and see how you portrayed the places with such beauty. Very inspiring!

Charley parker said...

These challenges are a treat on many levels — the paintings, the location shots and stories of both the painting session and the history of the subject.

Arthur said...

Oh! I Can't believe I missed this one! I can't wait for the next one!

msp said...

What great colorful, uplifting choices. Congrats all. So much enjoyed all the stories. Thank you, James.

Patricia Wafer said...

Great storefront paintings. Nice to see one from my home town (B Side Records, Madison, Wi)