Monday, September 18, 2017

New expanded edition of Dinotopia: Journey to Chandara

Dover Publications has just released a new expanded edition of Dinotopia: Journey to Chandara in their premier Calla line of illustrated books. (Link to book trailer video on YouTube)

This beautiful hardcover edition includes an exclusive peek behind the scenes, with 30 pages of sketches, storyboards, maquettes, photos of models, character designs, and models posing.

If you live in the USA (or can provide a domestic US shipping address), you can order a signed copy from my website store and it's also available from Amazon


Bob said...

Journey to Chandara explores the world of Dinotopia in greater depth than previous books in the series, yet it's hard not to skip ahead and just gaze at the art. When news of this edition broke on the OMB some days ago, we were wondering when signed books would appear on your site. The wait is over! I'm happy to see that once again there's a hardcover edition, and better than ever. Your trailer video's depiction of steps in producing several of the paintings brings the process to life -- this may be the starting point for an instructional app along the lines of the Living Sketchbook series.

Breathe deep, seek peace.

Luca said...

Your maquettes are amazing, it's incredible the level of detail you obtain with them. And watching the Gumroad videos it seems you do them with apparently no effort. A lot of experience, of course, but i think you have a natural talent for modelling too (besides the obvious talent for painting :D )

Talking about maquettes...since my efforts to make a real maquettes were pointless (but really fun as well :D ) i tried to do something similar to your maquettes but with a 3d software, since i work digitally and for me it's a more natural workflow. And i had great benefit from it: perspective, unexpected shadows, reflected lights, etc etc. everything was easier with the reference of a 3d model, even if a rough one. But 3d models are not real models and a simulated sun is not the sun...I can make a decent 3d maquette in reasonably little time, but it's still a simulation of reality, not reality...

Do you think a 3d model could be a good alternative to real maquettes? or should i spend more time trying to learn to sculpt?

Bob said...

The new edition compares favorably with the previous hardcover Journey To Chandara -- colors appear a bit warmer now. Thirty pages of background material are fun to peruse. Interestingly, you had aimed to make the book "as inviting to the casual browser as to the reader who goes along for the full ride." You've succeeded -- I've skimmed through the pictures several times before diving into the text. And I love the Triceratops remarque.